Call for Papers

We encourage you to contribute as a speaker at the Conference.

A list of proposed topics which encompasses various aspects of institutional planning is listed below. If you are interested to speak and/or be part of a panel discussion, please reply to with your proposed topic title and a short abstract by 1 Feb 2014.

Trends, Policies & Key Developments in the Higher Education Landscape
- Understanding higher education in various landscapes (country reports)
- Public policy developments in higher education
- Emerging developments, e.g. e-learning/MOOCs

- Global trends in staff and student mobility; Strategies for marketing & recruitment
- Internationalized campus, curriculum, and student exchange; Cultural challenges & student integration
- Forming strategic alliances; Managing international collaborations, branch campuses/ off-shore operations

Integrated Planning and Budgeting
- From plan to implementation - challenges and threats
- Role of leadership in change management; Building a culture of planning and strategic thinking
- Approaches/tools for university planning; Business process improvement
- Building a culture of planning and strategic thinking
- Effective allocation of institutional resources
- Managing government changes in policy (e.g. education funding and operations)

Rankings/Analytics in higher education
- Use of metrics/BI tools, data visualization, benchmarking
- Data warehouse development and usage
- Managing rankings

Campus Physical Planning
- Classroom configuration and pedagogy
- Green buildings
- Resilience/Disaster recovery; Emergency management

If you have questions, please get in touch with the HEPA secretariat:
Ms Joyce Lam,, +852 23585957.